Who is Naranjan Naidoo?

Businessman and Entrepreneur

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Naranjan R. Naidoo is a South African born businessman who currently lives in Dubai. Naidoo is the head of a mineral, metal and mining company, Gulf Pacific. The company is renowned throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia and has earned Naidoo a reputation of being “the name of Africa in the Middle East”.


Working in partnership with Middle Eastern, Asian and African governments and private investors, including his native South Africa, Naranjan Naidoo serves as the connection between several important regions and provides economic opportunity to people around the world. For his work, Mr. Naidoo frequently travels between Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and is a businessman who enjoys being a part of the international community. In addition to connecting Africa to the Middle East, Naidoo’s company also is closely connected to India and China, where he has made substantial business transactions with governments and private investors, in some cases, closing multi-billion dollar deals.


The Naidoo family moved from South Africa to the UK due to the political upheaval in the country and the struggle against apartheid. Struggling to make a new life for himself in the UK, Naidoo approached his new life with excitement and determination and eventually continued to grow what is now his multi-national company and his connections to leading government officials, businessmen and other notable individuals.


Naranjan Naidoo has been married for many years and has two lovely children. The family was originally based in Dubai for years, however today both of Naidoo’s children live in Europe. His son is in his final year at the University in the United Kingdom and will be soon starting his MBA, while his daughter has already launched her career in business.


Mr. Naidoo and his wife, live a passionate philanthropic life and work with several well known non-profit organizations including the United Nations Global Compact, The World Economic Forum and several other humanitarian organizations as a part of furthering their dream of eradicate global poverty by giving developing nations economic opportunities. They also have spent time working with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and have worked to incorporate their philanthropic endeavors with Naidoo’s role as a businessman in developing countries.


Now fifty years old and still frequently traveling and living the life of a busy businessman, Naranjan has learned how to keep balance in his life and make sure that he lives a healthy and happy life, even while he’s jetting around the world. To achieve balance between his public and private life Naidoo plays squash and exercises on a regular basis.

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